[CentOS] Second Xen NIC not being recognized?

Mon Aug 25 20:24:57 UTC 2008
Joseph L. Casale <JCasale at activenetwerx.com>

>I set the second one manually; copied the first one and added one.
>vif = [ "mac=00:16:3e:5b:44:5f,bridge=pubbr",
>"mac=00:16:3e:5b:44:60,bridge=virtbr"  ]

Looks good to me?

>Interfaces are associated with both bridges properly, but only an eth0
>device appears in the domU.
>If the low-order bits are magic in a MAC, then maybe my second one is an
>invalid, but I don't find any documentation of such; the low two bits of
>the *first* byte have meanings, but I haven't touched them.

Well, the digits are between 0-9, A-F so I can't see it being invalid.

I guess you use Network Mangler? Since my very first experience with it,
I have never installed it or used since!