[CentOS] OT - Offline uncorrectable sectors

Tue Aug 26 08:38:30 UTC 2008
Lorenzo Quatrini <lorenzo at gmk.it>

Nifty Cluster Mitch ha scritto:
> Bottom line... use vendor tools....
> Vendors like error reports from their tools for RMA processing and warranty...
> BTW: smartd is a good thing.  For me any disk that smartd had made noise 
> about has failed...  often with weeks or months of warning... 

So... ok, I see the point: I should monitor for SMART errors and then use
vendor tools to fix things...

(BTW, the pc which triggered the tread reallocated the sector by himself: I
guess that finally the OS tried to write to the bad sector and the disk did all
the magic relocation thing)

Also I finally noticed that badblocs has a non-distructive read-write mode (the
man page is outdated and doesn't mention that) which can be used routinely (say
once at month) to force a check of the whole disk.

Thanks to all for the explanation


Lorenzo Quatrini