[CentOS] Re: Problem with gnome with file type recognition.

Thu Aug 28 21:40:41 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 8-28-2008 3:21 AM ArcosCom Linux User spake the following:
> I have a problem with some file recognition with gnome (CentOS 5.2).
> I have some DVD with AVI files I burn some time ago (and the files were
> checked and the DVD are fine), and curiously only the 3 or 4 first files
> were recognized as AVI files, but the rest not!.
> I another times, appears to recognize all files, but from some days to now
> I have this problem (specially with AVI files).
> The recognized files are played fine with xine, mplayer or vlc, but the
> rest not, the players don't know how to play them (very courious this
> issue).
> Do anyone know how to solve this? Could be any system component that
> wasn't working fine? (as any daemon, or the DVD reader) Anyone know how to
> test my DVD writer/reader or any system/gnome components that could be
> missconfigured or not working?
> Regards
AVI files can be created with many codecs. Maybe your system doesn't have 
codecs required by the files that don't play.

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