[CentOS] Webalizer displays wrong year

Fri Aug 29 10:34:20 UTC 2008
Ian Blackwell <ian at ikel.id.au>

Jussi Hirvi wrote:
> I just run webalizer manually on an Apache log, like I have done many times
> before. Some new statistics were created, but for "August 2006" instead of
> "August 2008". I cannot figure why!
> Because of my mistake, the webalizer statistics for this site have not been
> updated since February. Now I tried to update them for the first time - with
> the results I described above.
> The system clock is in correct time (2008).
> The dates printed in Apache logs are correct (2008).
> Webalizer, when it is run, creates these new files (note the wrong year):
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache     569 Aug 29 10:57 webalizer.hist
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache  127507 Aug 29 10:57 webalizer.current
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache    2957 Aug 29 10:57 usage.png
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache  137863 Aug 29 10:57 usage_200608.html
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache   10190 Aug 29 10:57 index.html
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache    2178 Aug 29 10:57 hourly_usage_200608.png
>> -rwxrwx---  1 root apache    3900 Aug 29 10:57 daily_usage_200608.png
> On Webalizer page index.html, the new stats get labeled "Aug 2006", and -
> another strange thing - the item is displayed on the list (on index.html)
> between Jul 2007 and Sep 2007!! The original Aug 2007 seems to be missing.
> Any ideas what could be wrong??
Something similar happened to me, but only when I had set the server
date forward and accessed the apache server pages with a future date. 
As a result, the apache logs contained that future date.  The
/var/lib/webalizer/webalizer.current file then contained a future date
and so with Webalizer working in incremental mode, it was ignoring all
log entries prior to that future date.  The result was my correctly
dated logs were being ignored.

To fix this, and I know it seems to be the reverse of you are
describing, I cleared the /var/lib/webalizer/webalizer.current file and
purged my logs of future dated entries.

I can only hope that this helps you a little...  :)