[CentOS] syslog-ng

Fri Aug 29 11:36:43 UTC 2008
Jeremiah Heller <jeremiah at itmustbe.com>

Have you heard of http://www.ossec.net/?

It would do what you like and more. You configure which logs you want  
watched and who should be emailed/texted/paged according to various  
levels of criticality.

I believe you can have it email you for custom log-events; although it  
will notice many common failure messages and other anomalies  
automatically - so many I haven't needed to modify much.

I'm not sure if centos provides packages w/ similar functionality or  


On 29 Aug 2008, at 04:19, Mag Gam wrote:

> Hello,
> I know centos does not use syslog-ng, but I have installed it at my
> university. My intention is if a particular string appears in my
> /var/log/messages I would like to get an email alert.
> For example, if i see a message "foo" in /var/log/kern I would like to
> email myself.
> Any idea how to do this? Has anyone done this before?
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