[CentOS] syslog-ng

Fri Aug 29 12:56:27 UTC 2008
Jeremiah Heller <jeremiah at itmustbe.com>

On 29 Aug 2008, at 05:04, Mag Gam wrote:

> Oh, so syslog-ng probally isn't the right tool for the job?

I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with syslog-ng... or what all the job  

> I can use these tools to monitor my /var/log/kern ?

You can use OSSEC to monitor any or all logs. It takes a few options  
to let it know the type of logfile (apache, syslog, nmap, etc.) and  
its location but that's about it.

> Also, thanks for all the responses!

Sure, though we should probably stop top-posting afore someone gets  

Have fun!