[CentOS] Re: Curmudgeoning (was Re: Problems with writing Dual Layer DVD)

Fri Aug 29 15:48:43 UTC 2008
David Dyer-Bennet <dd-b at dd-b.net>

On Fri, August 29, 2008 07:58, R P Herrold wrote:

> Reading closely the rest of the thread, I 'programmed'
> plugboards on 5xx series unit record machines, ran 026, 027,
> and 029's; ran the 13 pocket sorter; later wrote tape and
> print spooling deivers for our 1401, and all that.  I don't
> miss them either.

The first place I worked had a card-sorter and one plug-programmable
device that I never programmed.  I really should have, but I was busy
learning other things, and didn't quite notice that it was the tail end of
a dying era and I could get an amusing punch on my ticket.  I'm not even
sure what it did exactly any more; it wasn't the tabulator because it
didn't have a printer.

> you win  ;)  -- I don't want to be older, and in my head, I'm
> still in my twenties.

Oh yes.  Very definitely.

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