[CentOS] Anti Virus and Anti Spam

Sat Aug 30 03:36:33 UTC 2008
Eucke <eucke at eucke.com>

horas simalango wrote:
> New be in linux!
> Currently I have Install DNS, Email and Web server using centos 4.3.
> All functions are running properly!
> What anti virus and anti spam recomended for me to install to my
> server? What I have to configure after installing anti virus and anti
> spam?
> Would some one help me please.! Now many spam mail come to user mailbox!
> Thank's 'n Regards
Well there are builds of spamassassin available via RPM that you can 
install.  You might mention which MTA you're using....Sendmail?  
Postfix?  If you're using Sendmail then you can use milter plugins for 
spam and antivirus.  Are you looking for free antivirus plugins or ones 
your pay for?