[CentOS] OpenChrome video driver for Centos

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Tue Dec 2 18:33:21 UTC 2008

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> well, I do have a few contributions. I do have everything to get 
> Freemind 0.8.1 working on Centos. I had to pull together a number of 
> pieces for that. Of course, who wants Freemind...

freemind mostly just worked for me, download and run sort of. did you 
need to do much more ? Although i am using Sun's JRE for this ( and a 
bunch of things like talend )

> But I have been working very hard of late on HIPL (HIP for Linux), doing 
> the Centos testing for the HIPL team. Just need a place to put them. 

Why not into CentOS ? Over the last few weeks, weve spoken about a 
slightly more open centos-contribs making a comeback. this sort a thing 
would fit in there perfectly.

> Along the way, I am finding ALL sorts of challenges. Particularly since 
> I am sticking to IPv6. So I find that gFTP crashes over IPv6 using SSH, 
> and no response to this problem from the gFTP developers. 

people still use ftp ? :D

> So I am having 'fun' here. Too much cruft to plow through. I SHOULD only 
> be working with HIPL right now, but there is so much surronding stuff to 
> sort out as well, mostly IPv6 related.

there have been a fair few people asking around about ipv6, I wonder if 
now is a good time to get some sort of a group together for that. eg. 
the state issues around iptables/ipv6 could do with some traction 
anytime now.

> First I ask to see if anyone else knows about what is available. Maybe 
> my search terms are missing. Next I get on their mailing list and ask 
> around there. Then I queue this up with all the other tasks surronding 
> my HIPL project and see where it will fall in....

cool, I'd be happy to help with things from this side, if you need anything.

- KB

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