[CentOS] Help on deleting partitions

Mohan mk at nerdplanet.co.uk
Thu Dec 4 10:58:10 UTC 2008

Mário Gamito wrote:
> Hi,
> I have this dual boot Vista-CentOS.
> I have one NTFS for Vista, and three for CentOS.
> I boot to both OS through grub.
> Unfortunately, I'm going to need the CentOS space for Vista :( :( :(
> So my question is: if I remove the CentOS partitions *from within Vista*
> with its tool for it, will I be able to still boot Vista ?
> Is grub going to disappear ?
> If so, will Vista replace it for its own boot manager, thus allowing to
> boot it ?
> Or what ?
> I've googled about it, but couldn't find a definitive answer and I can't
> afford losing my Vista data.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Warm Regards,
> Mário
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If you are deleting /boot partition or if you dont have a separate /boot 
partition and boot partition is mounted under / and if you delete that 
partition for more space yes you will have trouble booting vista. As 
grub cant find the kernel and menu.lst file you would see the normal 
grub command prompt rather than seeing a grub menu.

The easiest fix for this issue is even if you delete your linux 
partitions what the best you can do is fix/rewrite the mbr for vista 
which can be did easily with a bootable vista cd.

Follow the above url from Repair your computer and proceed till the 
startup repair step and once you are done reboot the machine you should 
see your vista boot screen.

Hope this fixes your issue.



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