[CentOS] Best way to take snapshots of iSCSI devices using Open-iSCSI + CentOS

Santi Saez santi at usansolo.net
Thu Dec 4 16:02:46 UTC 2008


I want to take snapshots of a iSCSI devices from a target that hasn't 
snapshot/cloning capabilities (it's a Infortrend A16E storage array).

What method are you using to make snapshots/clones of iSCSI targets 
using Open-iSCSI + CentOS? What about using Open-iSCSI + LVM snapshots 
system? For example:

- Take a LVM snapshot in the initiator with "lvcreate".
- Give read-only access to the backup server, for the same LUN/volume.
- In the backup server, mount in read-only mode this snapshot.
- Take a backup of this snapshot, using dd/tar/rsync for example.
- Unmount the snapshot in the backup server.
- Remove this snapshot from the host with "lvremove".

Is there any soft to make this? thanks! NOTE: It's a must, that device 
snapshots must be in other device.. not in the same target.


Santi Saez

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