[CentOS] squid server for 10,000 accounts

linux-crazy hicheerup at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 18:46:14 UTC 2008

Hi all,

  I am running squid proxy server integrated with Content filter
Dansguardian, squidguard  and clamav for Http level scanning on centos
5 .Configured webmin management tool  to create and manage access
control using squidguard plug in. Now it is serving request for 100
machines and Below is my hardware details.

Hardware Details

2.67 GHz * 1
4 Gb RAM
2*146Gb HDD

 we intend to scale proxy servers with around  7000 to 10000 users in
future.Just i want  to confirm whether the the above hardware is
sufficient enough to serve 10000 users.If not please recommend me  the
server configuration i have to go for and also how to calculate the

 And also to prevent  single point of failure is it possible to
configure squid in any load balancing mode (with another dedicated
server) if so just guide me  how to do the same or provide me the link
that best explains squid proxy server in load balancing mode.

 Anticipating your reply


Craz paps

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