[CentOS] New rpm, same name, how to update

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Mon Dec 8 18:42:31 UTC 2008

Warren Young wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> I await the developers help.
> It's not hard to do it yourself.
> First, find the .spec file:
> 	$ cd the/source/trees/root
> 	$ find . -name \*.spec -print
> Then see if there is a top-level 'make' rule for building RPMs:

Arch is being used to maintain the source and I do a 'tla replay' to get 
the night's patches. So everything is in the tree they use. Since this 
is being compiled on lots of different distros, it is not following what 
I am used to as you indicate below.

But the developer showed me the spec file: ./test/packaging/hipl.spec, 
and I am playing with the Release value to include the patch level.

> 	$ grep -l spec *akefile
> 	$ less the-file-you-found-if-you-did-in-fact-find-one
> Likely you'll find that you can say something like 'make rpm' to build 
> the RPM.  If not, try something like:
> 	# cp the-spec-file.spec /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
> 	# cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
> 	# rpmbuild -bb the-spec-file.spec
> Once you've figured out how to build the RPM, you can edit the spec file 
> and rebuild the RPM.  Right up at the top, you'll find the version 
> number stuff.  You want to change the "Release:" line.  It's typically 
> an integer, and you just increase it by 1 each time you make a new RPM 
> with the same "Version:" line.  When the version number changes, the 
> release number gets reset to 1.  A higher release number is all it takes 
> to make rpm not complain when trying to replace an existing package with 
> a new one with the same version number.
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