[CentOS] pop3 attack

Frank Cox theatre at sasktel.net
Wed Dec 10 17:12:21 UTC 2008

On Wed, 10 Dec 2008 12:02:22 -0500
John Hinton wrote:

> If you are being blacklisted, email is almost certainly coming out of 
> your server which contains spam. Depending on the lists, it could be 
> spewing a lot.

Not necessarily.  I had one helluva time getting my mailserver off of the SORBS
dynamic IP blacklist.  Regardless of the fact that it is and has always been on
a static IP address and it returns the word "static" in a reverse lookup, and
it's always lived in a static netblock issued by my ISP, it took me well over a
year of dealing with everyone under the sun (except for the SORBS people
themselves, who appear to be impossible to contact and ignore all help and
support requests sent though their website) to get off of that list.

So SORBS, at least, is a problem and I've lost faith in their blacklist to help
me sort spam from legitimate email. 

On the other hand, if the OP's blacklisting has just now started and it wasn't
that way before, then I agree that he likely does have a local problem.

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