[CentOS] wine 1.1.10 rpm for centos

Phil Schaffner Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Fri Dec 12 13:13:11 UTC 2008

dnk wrote:
> yehaw???
> Compile it is then!
> d
> On 11-Dec-08, at 10:53 AM, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> Phil Schaffner wrote:
>>> By the time you satisfied all the dependencies I expect you'd have
>>> something closer to rawhide than CentOS.
>> Well, you cannot have both - Country *and* Western.

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Well maybe can't have Country and Hip Hop?  The Country/Western genre is 
quite healthy.  :-)

Anyway, this thread got my curiosity up and rawhide wine-1.1.10-1 is not 
all that hard to build on CentOS-5.  Only took a couple of minor spec 
file changes (that could have been avoided by tweaks to the build 
environment or rpmbuild arguments), and the only core package I had to 
replace was autoconf - built from Fedora 7 2.61 sources.  (Wine wanted 
2.59d or greater and CentOS-5 has 2.59.)  Other deps were available from 
EPEL and/or RPMforge EL5 repos.

Haven't installed and tested it yet as I didn't want to risk breaking my 
Crossover Office M$ apps.  Will try it on a VMware testbed if I get a 
chance.  Haven't got a public site to put the RPMs on, but I see from 
another branch of the thread that Dag is already on the job.

So, if CentOS is Country (RHEL is classical?) and Fedora is Hip Hop, 
only minor additions to the rhythm section were needed to achieve this 


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