[CentOS] sendmail Deferred mail - reason unknown

Bob Hoffman bob at bobhoffman.com
Mon Dec 15 22:12:25 UTC 2008

> There are more reasons than a conspiracy to get you to pay a 
> subscription...
True, but in most or almost all, it is not your sendmail or your server that
has anything to do with it. A bounce would indicate a problem or other
things...but 'defer' could mean anything. I get a lot from yahoo, both with
the stupid ID things and one server without them. They can defer for a

I seldom get a defer from anywhere else, but a mailout of a large list could
get some.

But I see nothing you can do at your end if you are sending it other than
sending a letter to the deferring agent if you have the email, you know who
it is. If it is a big company like yahoo or hotmail, I would just send a
letter to the recipient and tell them about the issue so they can expect a

Anyone notice how little junk snail mail they are getting now? Or how many
snuggie blanket ads they are receiving via email....strange world out there.

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