[CentOS] cpuspeed problems with 5.2 and 2.6.18-92.1.18 kernel revision

ArcosCom Linux User linux at arcoscom.com
Tue Dec 16 20:31:30 UTC 2008

After upgrade my laptop, I discovered a low performance on it.

The laptop is a 2,73GHz Intel centrino and from some kernels versions to
now, it had a good performance, the cpu scaling worked fine.

Now, I discover that forcing in /etc/sysconfig/cpuspeed the governors
and/or max/min speeds, it don't want to run more quickly.

The laptop boots fine with the correct speed (usual speed), but when the
init scripts run the service cpuspeed, the performance goes low: Only
wants 800MHz!!

Yes, I played with the documentation and the values on it, but the problem
began before I touch them. I discovered the problem after upgrade the
kernel (some weeks ago).

Its very curious that if I power off/on or reboot the laptop, the next
boot is with low speed, but if I power off, wait for 10 minutes, and power
on again, the laptop boots at normal speed but when cpuspeed service goes
up, the speed goes to low.

I can't change the speed using gnome or manually writing to
/sys/devices/cpu/cpu0/ system files.

Has anybody got any problem as this? How to solve or work around (running
an old kernel is an option)? Has any relationship with gnome cpuspeed
monitor or any gnome component?



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