[CentOS] Bogus ssh complaints about dns

drew einhorn drew.einhorn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 00:59:20 UTC 2008


If I ssh to a CentOS5 box using just the hostname,
not the full name, resulting from appending
domain name from the search record in resolv.conf
it says the ip maps to the correct full name it gets from reverse dns,
and claims the full name does not map back to the ip, but it does
as verified by both nslookup and dig

If I ssh to the full name instead of the short name,
the I don't get these complaints.

The short term work around is to make sure all
scripts use the full name, instead of the short name
without the domain.  But that is very annoying.

I browsed through the man pages for ssh, sshd,
ssh_config, and sshd_config and did not spot
anything that was misconfigured.  But I could have
missed something

Drew Einhorn
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