[CentOS] yum udpate not getting new kernel

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed Dec 17 17:06:29 UTC 2008

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>> I do an rsync to my local repo. I had looked at the logs just to see 
>>> what came over, and saw the new kernel. Of course I can't see what the 
>>> xml is saying is currently available...
>>> So then I ran yum update on some of my systems. Some picked up the new 
>>> kernel one did not (so far).
>> you seem to run into this problem often, it might be worth actually 
>> looking to find the part of your process that is broken and fixing it.
>> within the CentOS setup, metadata for a package is only created once and 
>> only at one place and is done within a few seconds of the email being 
>> sent out announcing the package.
> This really has me buffaloed.
> I suppose I can run a clean and see what happens, but the systems that 
> got the new kernel, got it, and how do you take it back to try again?
> And the system that that did not get, well, I suppose a clean might see 
> if it gets it now. Stay tuned.

Yes a yum clean all on the notebook that did not get the kernel is now 
not only getting the kernel but also: cups and enscript.

So I had some problems here. The metadata or dbcache? This is my 
notebook, and when I am away at conferences, I change my source of 
update and base to the mirrors, and when I get back I change back to my 
local repo. That might be why it got lost? I guess I should add a 'yum 
clean all' whenever I make these changes....

But I guess you did not announce the kernel, but anyone pulling the 
updates locally would be getting them?

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