[CentOS] how to install yum by apt

Dag Wieers dag at centos.org
Thu Dec 18 15:59:51 UTC 2008

On Thu, 18 Dec 2008, cjzjm100 wrote:

>  Becaule i heard that the apt was great,i wanted to try it.And when i 
> tried to update my system,the yum faid,i installed the apt which came 
> from dag repo by yum. After that i did:sudo apt-get update and sudo 
> apt-get upgrade.There are some problem and i did as apt suggested:sudo 
> apt-get --fix-broken install.Then apt said should remove 11 softwares 
> insclude yum.I thougt even i removed the yum,i could installed it by apt 
> again,so i removed them.

Why did you remove yum ? apt and yum can happily coexist on a single 
system. Without understanding what problems you have, apt does require 
that your RPM database is consistent and all dependencies are met.

Since you say that it wanted to uninstall yum to satisfy dependencies, the 
only thing I can imagine that happened is that you forced some packages on 
your system (NEVER *EVER* use --force or --nodeps with rpm) that broken de 
chain of dependencies involving yum.

The RPMforge apt packages do not include the apt configuration for CentOS 
because the packages are also used by RHEL users.

I do have some lines added in comment that you can uncomment:

> ### Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> #repomd http://mirror.centos.org centos/$(VERSION)/os/$(ARCH)
> #repomd http://mirror.centos.org centos/$(VERSION)/updates/$(ARCH)
> #repomd http://mirror.centos.org centos/$(VERSION)/extras/$(ARCH)
> #repomd http://mirror.centos.org centos/$(VERSION)/fasttrack/$(ARCH)

But it would be nice if the centos-release package would contain an apt 
configuration file.

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