[CentOS] Web based ssl VPN

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Dec 19 21:40:44 UTC 2008

Dnk wrote:
> That is what I am currently using. One of our vp's had a "web" based  
> one at his last job. But to connect, they go to a web page, login, and  
> they gain VPN access. Then there are No client software to install  
> either.   I know some sonic wall, barracuda, etc devices do this. 

Well, there IS client software, its just installed auto-magically via 
the web interface, using either a Java (for firefox clients) or ActiveX 
(for MSIE on Windows) client stack.    The Juniper SSLVPN we use at my 
work functions this way for end user -> WAN VPNs (but LAN -> WAN VPNs 
instead use an appliance router)

sadly, my experience with these is that the MSIE ActiveX Windows client 
stack seems to be a lot more robust than the Java client stacks, at 
least for VPN routing (aka Network Connect).   the Java stuff is OK for 
remote access (X windows, RDP clients, Citrix client, file transfer) via 
the web interface, but thats not really a VPN in my book, its just a 
remote application portal.

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