[CentOS] regarding vpn server for 1500 clients

Dhaval Thakar dhaval.thakar at networthdirect.com
Sun Dec 21 07:49:23 UTC 2008

> Dhaval Thakar wrote:
>>> If you could use a lower CPU intensive crypt like blowfish, it would be
>>> easier.
>>> Are all these trading partners in different locations or are there semi
>>> large
>>> groups in the same locations?
>> all these are end users.
>> they connect software from home / offices.
> Do they actually need a generic VPN?  If they only run a few
> applications you might be able to use https or similar ssl based
> connections and avoid the routing/addressing/MTU issues.  You can still
> use certificate based authentication in one or both directions if you
> want.
> Also if the application(s) can be made to run over normal https (i.e. a
> web interface) you get the advantage of working though most existing
> proxies and firewalls, plus on the host end you have the option of
> scaling up with a load balancer that handles the ssl processing and
> reverse-proxies to a pool of backend servers.
they need database access.
I prefre providing database over vpn rather providing via internet on
different tcp port.

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