[CentOS] Rebuild xorg (continued from Centos-devel)

Alain PORTAL alain.portal at free.fr
Mon Dec 22 19:09:24 UTC 2008

Le dimanche 21 décembre 2008, William L. Maltby a écrit :

> > Unfortunately, resolution is too low (320x200), so, I can't see the
> > "Cancel" and "Valid" or "OK" button of the system-config-display dialog.
> Try again with the resolution parameters like Alan suggested but with
> lower resolution and "vga", e.g.
>    system-config-display --set-resolution=640x480 --set-driver=vga

Don't work. Even 320x240 don't work.

> Note that I changed "vesa" to "vga" since the card mentions only vga.


> I don't know if that will work because I see the "insufficient memory"
> message you mention below. That may be a result of color depth combined
> with memory limitations. But if it does work, maybe you get going good
> enough to proceed.
> BIOS! That memory thing reminds me. See below.

> > I think now it's a X server problem as it can't compute modelines for vga
> > module. I get, in Xorg.0.log, many lines as:
> > (II) VGA(0): Not using default mode "320x240" (insufficient memory for
> > mode)
> >
> > Lines differs in mode value
> >
> > (II) VGA(0): Not using default mode "1920x1200" (insufficient memory for
> > mode)
> >
> > I know that the 1920x1200 mode is doable.
> Have you gone into BIOS and seen what is there that might be affecting
> this stuff? I know there are often selectable modes for video cards.

There is no selectable video modes in the BIOS.

> Often in a laptop, main memory is shared with the video card. If you
> have not allocated enough memory to the video, maybe that is causing
> a lot of the problems? If you "system" memory is really small, you may
> not be able to get decent resolution with higher color resolutions.

System Memory: 1024MB
Video Memory: 512MB

> We're starting to get close to the end of things I can think of. I hope
> something works here!

As you can see, nothing work ;-)
I'm sure now this is a X server bug, this is why I wanted to try to rebuild 
xorg. I understand now this isn't reasonable.


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