[CentOS] Please share some RHCE/RHCT learning material

Michael Hall mick at mjhall.org
Fri Dec 26 01:07:28 UTC 2008

I'm sort of preparing for the RHCE at the moment (booked in for the exam 
but it was cancelled due to insufficient numbers ... sob).

To the extent that reading is useful, and having looked at a couple of 
RHEL 5 and RHCE books, the plain ol' RHEL5 Deployment Guide seems to cover
the material pretty well. 

> >> As a previous reply mentioned, there are two (2) factors in the Red
> >> Hat certification process. The first is the written examination. The
> >> second part is a hands on test, to administer a box. Many people who
> >> do very well on the written examination, fail the hands on test. Learn
> >> how to do that, very well, before you take the certification tests. GL

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