[CentOS] Something to test in php 5.2

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Fri Dec 26 11:10:18 UTC 2008

Since people are testing php 5.2 in the CentOS repo - here's a bug I 
found in my own build of 5.2 that probably is a general php bug - but is 
worth testing on the CentOS testing packages.

If using imagefttext with a Postscript type 1 font -

$lstring="©" . date("Y") . " My Real Name";


$lstring=html_entity_decode("©", ENT_COMPAT, "UTF-8") . date("Y") . 
"My Real Name";

both result in a ' instead of a © when rendered on the image.

Works fine with a TrueType font, only an issue with Type1 fonts.

Well, I only tried the second (with html_entity) with a ttf font, but 
point is it doesn't do what it is suppose to do with ps fonts.

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