[CentOS] Fasttrack Repo on CentOS 4

Vandaman vandaman2002-sk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 26 14:44:15 UTC 2008

Johnny Hughes  wrote:

> As I have stated before, CentOS does not maintain the
> fastrack repo for
> all the versions we release.  IN fact ... it is only
> maintained (to the
> best of my knowledge) by me on CentOS-4 i386 and x86_64.
> Fast track is something that was added later by upstream
> ... as such it
> requires changes to existing packages to roll in.  Contrib
> was rolled in
> at the beginning of CentOS, so it was designed with that
> already in there.

I agree with you though for the benefit of those who may not be 
aware, this post by the upstream QE Manager illustrates what the 
fasttrack channel entails 


Fasttrack packages should make it into the next Quarterly Update so 
with time they join into the main repo.

> I am certainly open to do things that makes CentOS better
> and I have no
> problems making changes that are convenient, but I also do
> not think
> that downloading a text file for an added repo is that
> difficult.

I did not download the file because I thought it was easier to hack it
into the existing CentOS-Base.repo file. 

The reason I asked on the mailing list was not because I did not want to 
download a separate txt file, but if the CentOS 4 branch is running in a 
certain way, it makes it easier if those newly joining and those established carry on the old path.

Certainly from CentOS 4.8 it would be easier to slot it into the main 
CentOS-Base.repo file and then ship with it disabled. For now people could
just download the text file.



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