[CentOS] C5: prevent loading of AHCI in favor of "fakeraid" megaide

Rainer Traut tr.ml at gmx.de
Sun Dec 28 10:45:51 UTC 2008


I'm trying to install an old fujitsu siemens econel 50 server.
It uses an Intel chipset with ICH6R sata subsystem known as fakeraid.

I have configured a Raid 1 with two 160GB hds.

FS and Intel both provide a driver called megaide on a driver disk to 
use fakeraid and here is the problem:

- The readme tells me to install with the "nostorage" kernel option and 
I can load the megaide driver with the driver disk.

- in anaconda I only see one disk sda - exactly what I want.

- after installation when booting the 92.el5 kernel obviously the ahci 
driver is used not the megaide, LVM complains about identical PVs on sda 
and sdb and I can unload megaide while running the server

- so megaide is not used upon reboot but ahci

- megaide is inside the initrd but - probably because ahci loads first - 
    not used

How can I prevent the ahci driver to load after installation?


PS: I know the pros and cons of fakeraid - I want to use it. Plz no 
discussion about this.

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