[CentOS] 2 internet connections and one for backup

Michael Holmes holmesmich at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 29 21:38:51 UTC 2008

People, we're meant to be helping out others here. Can we stop arguing?
Vandaman was only trying to make the list more accessible. If you
choose to top post it interferes with the order in which people read
things. I agree with this view completely.

On another note, if you have OT comments to make on things to a
specific person, it is probably best to email it directly to them than
do it over the lists. So far 3 posts in this topic have been about the
problem. That's out of 18, meaning around 80% of this topic is just OT
rants. And in my opinion, most of those are not constructive. Wouldn't
you be annoyed if you had an urgent question and then people ignored
you, choosing to argue instead?

P.S.: If you'd like to shout at me about this, you know my email
address. Don't clog up the list anymore than you have to.

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