[CentOS] system config report

David Miller dmiller at ccim.us
Tue Dec 30 00:05:44 UTC 2008

Long ago when I was an AIX admin we had a script we ran every 6 months
or so and it created what we called the "System Book". It had every
possible configuration option. While acknowledging that on a whole it
was overkill documentation, if we ever had to rebuild the systems we
knew *exactly* how the old one was set up to compare it to if we had

I'm looking to do something similar for my CentOS boxes. Or better
yet, see if someone has already done something similar. I've poked
around google and sourceforge on and off for a couple of months but
haven't found much. The discussion lately about 'hwinfo' jogged my
memory. Anyone know of something like this? A template, even? An old
project that hasn't been updated but could be brought up to date?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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