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Dag Wieers dag at centos.org
Tue Dec 30 13:32:24 UTC 2008

On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, David Miller wrote:

> Long ago when I was an AIX admin we had a script we ran every 6 months
> or so and it created what we called the "System Book". It had every
> possible configuration option. While acknowledging that on a whole it
> was overkill documentation, if we ever had to rebuild the systems we
> knew *exactly* how the old one was set up to compare it to if we had
> problems.

This is funny, we created a similar thing at a previous company I worked. 
It was written in Perl and called sysbook (for System Book). It also 
outputted a "documented" DocBook document that was converted to HTML and 
available to all system engineers.

> I'm looking to do something similar for my CentOS boxes. Or better
> yet, see if someone has already done something similar. I've poked
> around google and sourceforge on and off for a couple of months but
> haven't found much. The discussion lately about 'hwinfo' jogged my
> memory. Anyone know of something like this? A template, even? An old
> project that hasn't been updated but could be brought up to date?

I wrote "dconf" in memory of the sysbook project. The aim here was not to 
create indexed, human-readable documentation, but rather a file that 
contains all hardware, software and latent configuration. That allows you 
to backup a system's configuration, diff 2 configurations (whether that is 
from 2 different timestamps, or 2 different identical systems is 
irrelevant) and helps comaintaining systems (since it can send changes via 
email or allows to trace back in time when something was modified and by 

This is perfect for support issues, as you can go back to a customer and 
tell him that you did not leave the system behind like that and point out 
the individual changes they have made to their configuration (even 
hardware changes).

You can find dconf at:


It can use some love of system administrators to complete the database of 
configurations files and commands. I also have less extensive 
configurations file for AIX, Solaris, Debian and SLES that can use some 

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