[CentOS] i386 packages on x64 servers

German Andres Pulido Franco gpulido at gtscolombia.com
Tue Dec 30 21:29:12 UTC 2008


I have some servers, all running centos 5.2 x64 with current updates. None of
the servers has installed packages that are not part of the centos regular
packages. They were installed using the "server" packages at install,
therefore there is no X server, GNOME, KDE or any other non-server stuff.
However, I recently noted that the servers have the x64 _and_ the i386
versions of some packages installed, for instance: krb5-libs-1.6.1-25.el5_2.1
and pam_krb5-2.2.14-1.el5_2.1. My question is: If I have no 32 bits software
installed on these machines, why are such libraries installed? and can they be
safely removed from the servers?

Thanks in advance.

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