[CentOS] Two NFS issues

Mon Dec 1 18:32:05 UTC 2008
Russell Miller <duskglow at gmail.com>

Hi, I was hoping someone would have an idea of what's going on here...

We have two NFS issues.  One of which is certainly centos based, one of
which we're not sure of.

First issue is:  As of Centos 5, we can't make simultaneous access to a
directory via NFS.  To duplicate, I cd into a share in two windows, copy a
1G file in the first window, and just do an ls in the other.  The ls will
hang until the write is done.

Turning off apic seems to help a little, but there's still a very
significant hang.

This problem is not apparent in centos 4.x, even when mounting to the same
NFS server.

The other problem is - we're seeing tremendous slowdowns when going through
an Acopia NFS virtualization server.  These slowdowns got much more severe
when we moved to Centos 5.2.  If we connect to the NFS appliance directly,
these slowdowns don't exist.

Has anyone seen problems like this?  How did you solve them?


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