[CentOS] OpenChrome video driver for Centos

Tue Dec 2 18:10:36 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> Since my OQOs have the CX700M2 chip and there are listed enhancements 
>> for this chip in the 903 version, I would really like to get it...
> excellent, this gives you an opportunity to move from being only a 
> community-consumer, to a community contributor.

well, I do have a few contributions. I do have everything to get 
Freemind 0.8.1 working on Centos. I had to pull together a number of 
pieces for that. Of course, who wants Freemind...

But I have been working very hard of late on HIPL (HIP for Linux), doing 
the Centos testing for the HIPL team. Just need a place to put them. I 
would really like to get the IPsec BEET mode patch working in the 2.6.18 
kernel already. A large part of installing FC10 was to get BEET 'native' 
in the 2.6.27 kernel. I figure if I can show HIPL working in FC10, I can 
get a bug report into Redhat to get the BEET patch included in 2.6.18. 
This will probably take me a couple months to pull off. Along the way, I 
am working on getting the BEET Internet Draft finished as an RFC, and 
moving the HIP RFCs from Experimental to Standards track (this will 
probably take 6 months).

Along the way, I am finding ALL sorts of challenges. Particularly since 
I am sticking to IPv6. So I find that gFTP crashes over IPv6 using SSH, 
and no response to this problem from the gFTP developers. 
SIP-Communicator is finally supporting IPv6. It may be a 'forget it' for 
IPv6 and vnc, but TightVNC has been demonstrated to run via LSIs over 
HIP over IPv6 (LSI is IPv4 equiv addresses for v4 apps in HIP). Found 
out, though that there is no TightVNC for FC10 yet, and may not be until 
FC11 according to one wiki.

So I am having 'fun' here. Too much cruft to plow through. I SHOULD only 
be working with HIPL right now, but there is so much surronding stuff to 
sort out as well, mostly IPv6 related.

> start by looking at the code, where it came from, who are the people 
> involved with it, who is writing it, who is releasing it, then work out 
> what the requirements for the software are, and if centos provides those 
> requirements. once you have that info - make a decision or talk to 
> people on options, and follow one through.

First I ask to see if anyone else knows about what is available. Maybe 
my search terms are missing. Next I get on their mailing list and ask 
around there. Then I queue this up with all the other tasks surronding 
my HIPL project and see where it will fall in....