[CentOS] does anyone have experience with clusters?

Wed Dec 3 14:29:31 UTC 2008
Tom Brown <tom at ng23.net>

> Thank you for the input. Let's forget about XEN for a moment, I was
> actually looking at setting up a cluster which has fail-over & load
> balancing capabilities, regardless of what runs on it. If XEN
> enterprise is the only option,then I'm not going to bother. I don't
> see why I need to pay for a tool which has a helpdesk and
> "professional technicians standing by" to help me when I get stuck, if
> XEN can do the same.

i cant speak for others but when i talk of clusters and load balancing i 
talk of different things. For load balancing i'd lean towards LVS and 
for clusters then it very much depends on what you are clustering. 
Application servers, databases, mail servers etc etc. For a MySQL 
'cluster' i'd probably go for master<>master depending on how many nodes 
i need and the application type etc. If its application clusters then 
things like tomcat can know about each other and take over if one of 
them dies. I think that the point i'm trying to make is that the 
solution very much depends on what you are trying to achieve, so to me 
'regardless what runs on it' is not really something to aim a good 
answer at.

As mentioned i am pretty sure that if you want to make your own 'cloud' 
in todays speak then you may well be looking commercial.

Thats just my thoughts and its most probable i am wrong.