[CentOS] squid server for 10,000 accounts

Sat Dec 6 19:08:20 UTC 2008
Andy Loughran <andy at zrmt.com>


Regarding the Load Balancing, I find ipvsadm to be a very good package.

I'm not well-versed with squid, but for 10,000 users, I should image
that hardware is not sufficient (especially if they're all requesting
pages at the same time?)

My immediate hunch would be to set up a virtualised squid proxy, and
then copy that across to be hosted on multiple servers.  Providing it's
set up in a scalable fashion (maybe NFS share for config/rules) across
the entire cluster - you should be able to have a very scalable solution.


Andy Loughran

linux-crazy wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I am running squid proxy server integrated with Content filter
> Dansguardian, squidguard  and clamav for Http level scanning on centos
> 5 .Configured webmin management tool  to create and manage access
> control using squidguard plug in. Now it is serving request for 100
> machines and Below is my hardware details.
> Hardware Details
> SUN BLADE 6000
> 2.67 GHz * 1
> 4 Gb RAM
> 2*146Gb HDD
>  we intend to scale proxy servers with around  7000 to 10000 users in
> future.Just i want  to confirm whether the the above hardware is
> sufficient enough to serve 10000 users.If not please recommend me  the
> server configuration i have to go for and also how to calculate the
> same.
>  And also to prevent  single point of failure is it possible to
> configure squid in any load balancing mode (with another dedicated
> server) if so just guide me  how to do the same or provide me the link
> that best explains squid proxy server in load balancing mode.
>  Anticipating your reply
> Regards,
> Craz paps
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