[CentOS] nfs slow?

Wed Dec 10 22:11:14 UTC 2008
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

John Kordash wrote:
>> 2.) Use TCP, UDP Transmits are often slow these days. (mount
>> option tcp)
> Hmm, care to share any references for this?  I'd be reaching for NFS over
> TCP in a long-haul type environment, but would run it over UDP otherwise.

At least in my case, both of the vendors I am using for high
performance NFS (BlueArc, and Exanet) have tcp as a best
practice. Exanet actually runs on top of CentOS 4.4 though
does not use the linux NFS stack.

These are the options I use for Exanet:

These are the options I use for BlueArc:

Exanet is an active-active cluster, the BlueArcs are not configured
in any sort of cluster. Planning on retiring the BlueArcs very
soon as they are about to be end of life.