[CentOS] OT: Need some riser card advice...

Sat Dec 13 00:57:37 UTC 2008
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
>Fellow server-builders out there, this is for you. :)  I was trying to
>build a cheap JBOD type storage solution running CentOS.  Ended up
>snagging a Supermicro SC826TQ-R800LPB 2U case (12 drives slots) and a
>Supermicro X7DBE-O motherboard.  Unfortunately, without thinking I
>snagged a 3ware 9650SE-12ML SATA RAID card which is a full height card
>and thus does not fit in my case.
>I have a few options here:
>  - Go with a 3U case instead.  Now I have a 16-drive case with only a
>    12-way card. :-)
>  - Return the 3Ware and order two of the 8-way cards which are
>    half-height.  This means I love some of my space now however as I
>    have to have an extra spare drive per card.
>  - Get a PCI-E riser.
>The riser option I like, except I also have the BBU unit for my RAID
>card meaning I need to ensure that I have enough clearance and support
>for it when the card is mounted horizontally.  You can mount the
>battery elsewhere, but not the logic module...

You might check with Silicon Mechanics as they build a lot of
Supermicro boxes with 3Ware cards.  I have a couple of 2U boxes
here that I'm preparing to deliver to a customer which have them.


You may be able to find Supermicro parts on eBay as well.  I have
a 2U server here that I got on eBay which is working nicely.

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