[CentOS] sendmail Deferred mail - reason unknown

Mon Dec 15 22:55:36 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


> It's not a big webmail provider, just a smaller company.  I 
> suspect it might have to do with the large attachments, or 
> their mail servers getting overloaded.

I really wish they would come up with a few things..

1- A real all in one really well programmed email system for linux and
windows. Something highly customizable and does
sending/receive/pop/transfer/etc without all the nightmares.
Not having a degree in all the mail programs makes it hard to not make
mistakes the more stuff you try to do.

2- As part of that, finally do away with the whole apache at myserver thing for
web apps. Along with a nice way for php and asp to access it safely instead
of having to use smtp via some OOP thingee.

3- paid program option with id like sslmail would be awesome. Especially to
get through the junk that many big free mail companies and isps put in our
way, as well as making their life easier. Since it is ssl cert., they should
be able to come after you if you are a spammer or phisher. Also, it would
get rid of the senderID,spf, etc junk they are trying to push on us.

4- so, santa, that is what I would wish for. I know...not gonna happen.

Ever notice the bulk of spam mail is either gibberish or hawking a product
like a drug or well known name brand? Me thinks maybe that big business has
it all set up..flood with gibberish and flood with their name brand junk..
Makes it look like lots of spammers when it is probably just a few large

(uh oh, they might have heard me....<ducks>)