[CentOS] Firefox 3.0.4 and Adobe Flash (CentOS 5 (32bit))

Thu Dec 18 01:03:53 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lmmailinglists at gmail.com>

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 6:21 PM, MHR <mhullrich at gmail.com> wrote:
> TigerDirect.com has a $99 box available, and it's >pretty >low end, but > it might suit your purposes.
> Good luck.

Mark: Hmmmm. If I was in the USA, I'd go for that, in a minute. But,
we are down here in South America (much closer to Miami, FL than you
are!) , so there is a problem with transportation and customs.
However, I wonder how much it weighs and if it is *very* light, maybe
I could have it shipped down here. I will look at TigerDirect.com and
check it out. Thanks for the idea! I'm planning to remove the HD,
DVD-ROM, CD-RW drive from my box, probably tomorrow, and transplant
them into the old box. The only thing about the Dell boxes is that
they use some proprietary parts. For example, the power supply
connectors are non standard. Dell is great for support, but bad in a
situation like this, where you need the proprietary part and it costs
an arm and a leg. Generic is better for cheap replacement parts! Now,
I have another idea, along the same line as the Tiger Direct box.
There is something called mercadolibre.com.co in Colombia, a poor
imitation of ebay and maybe I can find a box like TigerDirect has,
there, or in an ad in a Bogota newspaper. Great idea! Thanks! Lanny