[CentOS] FTPS setup problem

Fri Dec 19 18:34:20 UTC 2008
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Bill Campbell wrote:
> As a rule, we require external developers to access our servers
> using OpenVPN which provides a simple means of getting secure
> access without having to deal with multiple server components.

and, at work, our GNOC guys use SSL-VPN's from Juniper, which for 
business partners are highly restricted such that they can ONLY access 
the specific server and services they have rights to.   while I'm not in 
the group that manages this, the guys who do are on my floor, and tell 
me that the global management console makes managing all this a 
breeze... we have dozens of firewalls as we're a 50000 employee global 
manufacturing company, this is all under central control.

you mentioned FTP and FTPS...   I prefer whenever possible to use 
scp/sftp, as its much easier to forward through a NAT/Masquerade 
firewall.   I have no idea if Dreamweaver supports this, however.