[CentOS] BackupPC: two newbie questions

Mon Dec 22 01:11:35 UTC 2008
Timothy Murphy <tim at maths.tcd.ie>

S.Tindall wrote:

>> I'm running BackupPC on machine 1 ("helen")
>> and would like to back up onto machine 2 ("alfred").
>> As far as I can see, that means NFS-mounting alfred:/backup
>> on helen:/var/lib/backup .

> But doesn't that mean alfred's backups will be on alfred?  Hard drives
> are cheap and BackupPC is very frugal with using disk space.

Yes, now you point that out it may be unwise.
I suppose I should backup onto the BackupPC (and httpd) server, "helen".

Actually, "alfred" was my old - very old, maybe 10 years old - server,
which has a number of SCSI and IDE disks attached.
So it has lots of spare space.

But I'll follow your implicit advice, and use /var/lib/BackupPC/ as is
for backups, and maybe get a second disk on the server later.