[CentOS] help with hdparm

Mon Dec 22 21:39:20 UTC 2008
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Jerry Geis wrote:
> I am running centos 5.2 i686.
> The /boot/config indicates that VIA82CXXXX is built into the kernel.
> my lspci -v gives
> 00:0f.0 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. CX700M2 IDE (prog-if 8a 

those are two different chipsets, the CX700M2 is for the C4 family of 
ITX mini boards, while hte 82C7xxx stuff is their older northbridges for 
desktop systems...  

googling for that, I saw mention that Via has a linux patch for it, and 
apparently all it does is add a new PCI vendor/device ID so the existing 
drivers recognize the new chip.  you can probably find the CX700M2's PCI 
vendor/device ID with lspci(8)