[CentOS] system config report

Tue Dec 30 02:09:46 UTC 2008
Barry Brimer <lists at brimer.org>

On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, David Miller wrote:

> Long ago when I was an AIX admin we had a script we ran every 6 months
> or so and it created what we called the "System Book". It had every
> possible configuration option. While acknowledging that on a whole it
> was overkill documentation, if we ever had to rebuild the systems we
> knew *exactly* how the old one was set up to compare it to if we had
> problems.
> I'm looking to do something similar for my CentOS boxes. Or better
> yet, see if someone has already done something similar. I've poked
> around google and sourceforge on and off for a couple of months but
> haven't found much. The discussion lately about 'hwinfo' jogged my
> memory. Anyone know of something like this? A template, even? An old
> project that hasn't been updated but could be brought up to date?

man sosreport
man sysreport