[CentOS] kiskstart question

Sun Feb 3 10:55:34 UTC 2008
Amos Shapira <amos.shapira at gmail.com>

On Feb 3, 2008 12:41 AM, Gary Richardson <gary.richardson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Add this to the end of your kickstart file:
> =====================
> %post
> yum -y update
> =====================
> In fact, you can do all sorts of things, like configure services using
> chkconfig. You have a bash interpreter and your chrooted into your new
> install.
> I used to do all sorts of crazy stuff in there, until I found puppet :)
> Now I have minimal kickstart configs and I let puppet do all the heavy
> lifting.

And how do you get kickstart to start puppet? Do you need to add stuff in
%post or is it enough to just install the packages?

We are investigating doing just that - kickstart a CentOS Xen guest and get
it to pull as much configuration as possible through puppet.

Any other hints anyone can give about using Puppet on CentOS would be


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