[CentOS] Is Gnome in CentOS 5 ready for nfsv4?

Fri Feb 22 06:32:29 UTC 2008
Olaf Mueller <daily-planet at istari.de>

Olaf Mueller wrote:

> all my data are hosted by a server and exported with nfsv4. For
> example if a user logs in on a client, /home and /data are exported
> with nfsv4 and autofs. Now if the user delete some files, the
> trashcan under gnome doesn't change its status nor doesn't show the
> deleted files if opening the trashcan window.
> Also the user isn't able to copy or move files between the exported
> directories with nautilus, the error message is talking
> about "different file systems".
> Is this a gnome-vfs2 bug in gnome-2.16?
Really nobody here is using CentOS 5 as a gnome desktop with nfsv4
exported /home?