[CentOS] Making a NAS/HFS server

Thu Jan 10 17:01:10 UTC 2008
Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

Craig White wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 09:00 -0500, Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Johnny Tan wrote:
>>> Steve Campbell wrote:
>>>> I don't understand, though, how it could have been populated with Mac 
>>>> stuff unless it either had a Mac fs or something or the sorts. A Mac 
>>>> wrote the data, but I'm not sure what type of format the system had. 
>>>> I really don't have a clue about this or how to fix up the NAS if we 
>>>> ever get that far.
>>> Having almost bought one of their products (ended up going with QNap 
>>> instead), I'm almost certain from my research at the time that the 
>>> Thecus NAS appliances run a linux-based OS and most likely use ext3 
>>> filesystem (as a previous poster mentioned).
>>> When shared over the network (NFS, CIFS, etc.), the filesystem on the 
>>> NAS or server doesn't actually matter. Macs can still mount the 
>>> network share and read/write to it. It doesn't have to be HFS for this 
>>> to happen.
>>> In terms of the resource forks, I'd be surprised if this is even an 
>>> issue. Can you clarify what problems/issues/symptoms you are seeing 
>>> that makes you believe you need to "copy" the resource forks?
>>> What kind of files are these? If they are regular documents (Office, 
>>> Adobe, images, videos, etc.), you should have no problems just copying 
>>> the files from the mounted drive to somewhere else (another Mac, a 
>>> Windows box, or a Linux box).
>>> If they are applications or some other binaries, there *might* be 
>>> issues, but even then, I'm not convinced.
>>> p.s. Unless you are still using pre-OS X Macs, in which case, all bets 
>>> are off...
>> Good explanation.
>> Unfortunately, these are pre OS X files. They probably are more messed 
>> up than usual as they are 2003-2008 MultiAd Creator files. A lot of the 
>> fonts, font info, graphic stuff were placed in the meta files, and 
>> without those, they are useless without a lot of extra work to recreate 
>> the set of files.
>> The reason I feel the resource files are needed is that I started 
>> copying the files from the Thecus, and then rewrote them back to another 
>> area on the Thecus. I then tried to "explore" or view them on the Mac 
>> that originally wrote them with no success.
>> I have no need to use these original files other than to have them as a 
>> backup source for the originals.
>> I think I'm hearing everyone say just to mount my Centos partition on a 
>> Mac and copy them from the Thecus to the Centos partition.. Is that the 
>> concensus here? If so what, then, is the best way to export the Centos 
>> partition so that the Mac can access it?
>> Thanks for the informative thread and answers to all.
> ----
> netatalk - link provided earlier in thread, use their cvs version for
> CentOS 5

Never used CVS to access a file. I don't see how I can get the files 
here. For now, I've downloaded the 2.0.3 stable. What are the reasons 
for using cvs with my 5.1? Will it fail on config/make or what? (Only if 
you have time to explain)
> if you have Mac OS 9 clients, you *might* want to use CentOS-plus kernel
> since it includes appletalk module which means that with netatalk and
> appletalk module, CentOS server will actually show up in the Chooser.
> Otherwise, you will have to connect to the printer via IP address not
> difficult for OS 9 computers but certainly not the most user friendly
> setup.

I've started installing the plus kernels, (xen and vanilla, I may try 
both). The Mac is an older one so I'll definitely try one of those two 
kernels. Probably try the stable netatalk just to see also.

Now to find the time to read the manual and do some of this.

Thanks Craig.

> Craig
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