[CentOS] extract MIME attachments from 700MB imap folder

Ray Leventhal centos at swhi.net
Tue Jul 1 14:59:06 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've been tasked with extracting a bunch of MIME attachments (M$Word 
docs) from emails which have been stored in an imap folder in 
/home/<username>/mail/<imap foldername>.  As the subject states, the 
imap folder is about 700MB.

Googling suggested that munpack might do the trick, but as it is 
intended only for one message at a time, it outputs the first attachment 
found, then exits gracefully.

Further searches seemed to talk about mimedump, so I yum installed 
perl-MIME-tools.noarch from rpmforge as mimedump this was needed, and 
includes mimedump.

I've read the man page, but am wholly unclear as to:
1) will this do the trick for me
2) are there other known tools which might be recommended

Thanks in advance,

System runs CentOS 5.1, not updated since April, but it is not connected 
to the internet (I do bring it online to install packages as needed); I 
will do a complete upgrade before the end of this month.

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