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Glenn wrote:
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>> I would like to add something, as a South African citizen. South 
>> Africa, is NOT part of Africa for that matter, it's a republic on 
>> it's own. It's almost like saying "Let's ban America, cause someone 
>> in Mexico spammed me". South Africa, which is on the 196/8 range does 
>> a LOT of business overseas in many countries, and I do want to warn 
>> that you could loose a lot of good business due to this practice.
>> Most of the fraud you experience could come from Nigeria, or one of 
>> the other central & western Africa countries. To ban a whole 
>> continent because of problems some countries cause could be problematic.
>> For that matter is China a different country from Russia, from 
>> Switzerland, even though they share the same land mass
>> -- 
>> I need to put my 2c in here. I'm from New Zealand, we are a first 
>> world democratic country (the first in the worlds to give the vote to 
>> ALL adults I may mention). I have had the misfortune many of times of 
>> being unable to transact business because people from the US in their 
>> ignorance think, that New Zealand, isn't that part of Australia, 
>> which is right next to Asia, can't do business with those Asians, 
>> they will rip me off. Now sometimes people from the US have asked me 
>> why people in the other parts of the world get a bit annoyed at the 
>> "the only country that is free and true if the good old US of A" 
>> attitude, and well here you go as an example. Lets ban all of Africa 
>> because someone from Nigeria is a scammer. Africa is a pretty big 
>> place, and you know what, I've met many South Africans that are real 
>> nice (even employed a few). I've always been someone who defends 
>> America when people run it down, but it is a two way street, don't 
>> treat a whole country as criminals because you don't know the 
>> difference between one side of a continent from another, its kind of 
>> insulting you know. And some day you might well need the rest of us, 
>> you never know.
>> If a business only wants to do transaction with people in their own 
>> country, what is wrong with that?  There is no international law that 
>> says they have to provide services or products to you because you 
>> live in a different country.  Sometimes the lost revenue by not doing 
>> business outside your own country is better than having to deal with 
>> the possibility of fraud.  Sometimes it is more of a hassle to deal 
>> with shipping, service and/or support issues with people from a 
>> different country and it's just not worth it.
>> -- 
>> -matt
> Hello All,
> I've seen a lot of very good and valid comments come out of this 
> discussion!
> I had a mail server that, initially, had no need for foreign (Outside 
> US) communication. Then exceptions started highly complicating the 
> situation.
> I used this database lookup to compile a list, by country, of those I 
> wanted to block based upon my mail server's history with 
> communications with them and on the histories of my users/customers.
> http://ip.ludost.net/
> Very useful tool!
> Cheers,
> Glenn Parsons

Combine that with this 

and then can you eliminate a continent or two of your wish.


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