[CentOS] Re: is CentOS an LSB certified product?

Nicholas nicholas at oscc.org.my
Wed Jul 2 04:54:17 UTC 2008

Its not a matter of licensing.

Since the days of various Linux distros, coming up with diff schemes 
made it difficult for developers to target a Linux. Hence the need to 
give the source, go compile in your own system mentality. This puts off 
many non techie ppl.

Just imagine when a driver or application can be packaged irregardless 
of the linux distro and it doesnt need a technical person to install. 
Wont this makes it easier for entry into Linux? for end-user and developers?

Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
>> Rudi Ahlers wrote:
>>> Sorry to ask this, but what exactly is the LSB? What will CentOS 
>>> (and probably) the community gain from it? I mean, apart from RedHat 
>>> Enterprise, Suse Enterpise and the other commercial Linux's, most 
>>> other linuxes are not certified AFAIK.
>>> I know CentOS stands out above the rest in many areas, and is very 
>>> close to RedHat, in many aspects. But won't a certification shove it 
>>> into the commercial software "class"
>> LSB or Linux Standard Base, is a way of assuring VARs, developers and
>> contractors that the Linux systems that are certified under this all
>> have a standard file system structure and contain a defined set of
>> minimum system utilities.
>> This way when they write software they can be rest assured that if the
>> system is LSB certified that it will contain the 'bash' utility, that
>> utility will be in /usr/bin, man pages will be in /usr/share/man, etc.
>> This way they only have to write 1 set of installation packages and
>> not a separate package for each Linux distribution they wish to
>> develop for.
>> -Ross
>> ______________________________________________________________________
> Cool, thanx for the explanation :) I suppose it doesn't change the 
> licensing at all.

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