[CentOS] African IP addresses list

Rudi Ahlers Rudi at SoftDux.com
Wed Jul 2 10:06:37 UTC 2008

Sean Carolan wrote:
> This is a bit naive and childish:
> "how terribly shocking...I suggest also blocking China, 'cause they're 
> commies, and France because they eat frogs"
> The OP is not discriminating against Africa because of government 
> systems, skin color, or diet.  He is trying to reduce lost revenue, 
> credit card refunds and time due to fraudulent orders that almost all 
> originate from the African continent.  The reality is that Nigeria is 
> the 419 internet scam capital of the world, and the Nigerian scammers 
> sometimes work from other African nations or even the UK.  If someone 
> in Africa really, really must have something that Matt sells then they 
> should pay with Western Union or international money order instead of 
> a credit card.
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True, but Nigeria is one of the many countries on the Continent Africa. 
Africa isn't a country, at all, it's a continent on it's own, with many 
countries, which I think some people don't understand.


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